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Pink granite has been officially launched in Jersey!

6th July 2019

What an absolutely brilliant day launching our Pink Granite Gin with our master distiller Luke Wheadon.

The reaction from tasting the gin, especially neat, was simply incredible and we could not have asked for a more positive reaction. The tonic and garnish combinations didn’t disappoint either which was fantastic to see and I think we may have started a brand new market for Sake Martinis!

We set out to create a gin you could enjoy neat, enjoy as a gin and tonic or as part of a gin cocktail. We knew that we had achieved it in our hearts but it is not until you get the reaction from our customers that you truly know that you have nailed it.

Neil and I would personally like to thank so many of you who came down today to listen to our story and to taste (as well as those who purchased from our town and Gorey shops). The number of conversions from non-gin drinkers was staggering and the comments received on our branding was extremely heart-warming. So much work has gone into it that I must admit, I was slightly nervous when I woke today but now I couldn’t be happier knowing that we have most definitely created a gin that turns heads.

Thanks to all those who took the time to leave us some wonderful feedback at the shop. I would like to share some of the comments with you now...

“Delicious and refreshing gin, smooth and easygoing, ideal for long summer evenings sat in the garden with family and friends! Cheers!”

“Clean, love the peppercorn taste! Pink Granite - solid!”

“Loved the gin and branding. Lovely personal touches, fab flavours, passionate owners + detailed branding. Wishing you every success.”

“The best. Love it 😊”

“I’ll have another please!”

Now for some thanks... We would like to thank Chris from C & M Le Guyader Stonemasons for creating our stunning Pink Granite presentation blocks and for providing a quantity of gorgeous pink granite for our displays, to Paula from JSSK for arranging all the production of our branded shirts and tops together with LAB-6, to Mark Jackson for the creation of our banners and boards etc and to our amazing team at Dunell’s who work so incredibly hard and with such professionalism to support everything we want to achieve as a business. Finally, of course, we have to thank Luke whom without, Pink Granite wouldn’t be so bloody good. His utter attention to perfection is unsurpassed in our eyes. He took our very complex brief and blend ideas and turned them into reality even when they were more out of his comfort zone and for that we are extremely proud of the final product.

Let the journey officially be-gin!!

P.S. If you have any pictures of you enjoying Pink Granite, please do upload using the hashtag #lovepinkgranitegin


Neil and Jane x

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