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The Perfect Serve

Gin & Tonic combinations we know you’ll love…



Pink Granite pairs beautifully with ice, a couple of raspberries, fresh pink grapefruit peel and Fever Tree Indian Tonic. Classical elegance. We highly recommend a double measure!



If you fancy a more aromatic pairing, something a bit different, add ice, pop in a raspberry and squish a few fresh basil leaves in your fingers (to release the oils) and add to your gin glass. Pour over Aromatic Fever Tree Tonic and savour this stunning combination that is highly recommended by Luke himself! We highly recommend a double measure!


Citrus lovers

For those who love citrus G&T’s, this is the combination for you! Add ice to your favourite gin glass, a thick slice of lemon peel, 4 sprigs of fresh thyme and Luscombe Pink Grapefruit Tonic to create this irresistible blend. Pure sunshine in a glass! We highly recommend a double measure!